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The combination of Luxurious Massage and Comfort.

Traditional Thai Massage

We concentrate on working with the body employing light to firm acupressure, assisted rhythmic stretching, and other techniques to renew and unleash your energy levels. For you, an age-old but effective Thai treatment.

Thai Deep Tissue Massage

We apply small amounts of specially formulated warming oils and balms to the body while applying slow, deep pressure to trigger points and particular locations. This technique is ideal for targeting and releasing muscle stress.

Aromatherapy Tension Treatment

We treat the entire body, concentrating on the typical stress sites, using specialized oils and aromas that are inspired by traditional Thai therapies. tension relief that is both enjoyable and efficient.

Head, Back & Shoulder Massage

With our unique Head, Neck, and Shoulders massage from Heeling Home Massage you can unwind and rebalance your natural energy flow. to completely unwind your body and mind.

Hand and Feet Reflexology Massage

Allow our skilled therapists to perform this technique of massage, which involves applying pressure to certain points on the hands and feet in order to promote relaxation ,improve circulation.

Signature Thai Massage

Circulation is boosted by our famous heeling Home Massage. In order to achieve the highest level of luxury deep muscle relaxation, we combine classic and contemporary Thai massage techniques with our exclusive blend of home-made citrus oils.

Thai Slimming Massage

The slimming massage technique, when properly applied by our Trained Thai Therapists, concentrates on intensifying fat burning. The subcutaneous fat layer is broken down by repeated fingertip and hand acupressure, which stimulates muscles and body.

Thai Style Swedish Massage

One of the main objectives of the Swedish massage technique, is to relax the entire body. Long strokes applied in the direction of the blood returning to the heart are used to massage the muscles in order to achieve this. But Swedish massage therapy goes further than just unwinding.